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What is BIST?

The Lee’s Summit School District has adopted the BIST model as the district discipline philosophy. We believe that students and teachers have the right to learn and teach in an emotionally and physically safe environment. Our goal is to teach students to make appropriate choices and take responsibility for finding reasonable solutions for problems that may occur. It is our hope that parents will join with the schools in providing support to help students learn to make positive behavior and life choices.

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What is Late-Start Friday?

Late-Start Wednesday is a weekly collaboration time for building and district staff.  To accommodate this time, the student’s academic day begins 1 hour later than the the traditional school day.

Late Start Wednesday’s School Hours:  9:25 a.m.-3:25 p.m.

Doors open to students:  9:10 a.m.

Buses will run their typical routes exactly one-hour later than normal.  Ex. If your student catches the bus at 7:52 a.m. normally then their bus should arrive at approximately 8:52 a.m. on Late Start Wednesdays.

Dismissal and bus routes home will not change on Late Start Wednesdays.

Need supervision for your student(s) the mornings of Late Start Fridays, please see Summit Rise.

What is Summit Rise?

Summit Rise is a free student supervision program created to accommodate parents during Late Start Fridays.

Summit Rise is open on all Late Start Fridays from 7:40-9:10 a.m.    This program provides supervised activities such as playground, gym time, Chromebooks, arts/crafts, and board games at Prairie View.

Summit Rise students are supervised by BASS (Before and After School Services)/Kid’s Country Staff and PVE paraprofessionals and resource aides.

If you would like your student(s) to participate in Summit Rise, please have them enter the building at the main entrance (Door A) and check in at the Summit Rise table anytime after 7:40 a.m. and prior to 9:00 a.m. on Late Start Wednesdays.

For questions, please contact the main office at  986-2280.

What is the Process for Car Rider Drop Off and Pick-Up?

Arrival: Our building doors open to students at 8:10 am each morning (9:10 am on Late Start Fridays).

  • All car riders enter at the North side of the building.  Please come down the drive at the North side along the open field closest to 5th Street.  Cars will weave through the West playground lot to allow for more cars to line up without creating a standstill on Todd George.  All car riders will enter the doors E, F, G (staff will be there to supervise) and will go directly to their classrooms.  Due to no visitors and limiting the number of people within our building, parents will not be permitted to enter the building this year and walk their students to class.

  • Buses will enter and unload on the South side of the building.   All bus riders will enter the doors along the South side of the building (staff will be there to supervise).

  • Additional buses and day care vans will enter and unload in the front circle drive.  This is not an area for car riders to be dropped – only buses and daycare vans should enter at the light into the main circle drive. 

Dismissal:  Dismissal begins at 3:20 p.m. with Kids Country dismissed first, then car riders, then daycare vans, then walkers, and then bus riders.

  • For car riders, during dismissal, we ask that you continue to weave through the North Staff Lot onto the West Playground and back through the lot (bright yellow line painted in this area) to lengthen the line and keep cars from forming a standstill line on Todd George Parkway.  Please know that we do anticipate that dismissal may take a little longer this first week as our students learn to walk to their locations.

  • Kindergarten-2nd grade students will continue to be picked up on the North side of the building, along the North sidewalk. The traffic pattern for K-2nd grades will remain the same as in the past. The lane closest to the building will pick up our K-2 students.  We have “paws” painted on the playground/sidewalk which will allow for social distancing. Please remind students to stand on their designated “paw” print.

  • Students in 3rd-6th grades will continue to exit through the South Gym and gather on the back playground.  Parents picking up only students that are 3rd grade or older may pull into the left lane (at the cones – Mrs. Fennewald will be there to assist) and continue through to the back of the building.  If doing so, please proceed with caution, making sure to not stop on our crosswalk and not to block our parents in the right lane who are exiting from picking up their younger students in the car rider lane.  Mr. Gross will be there to assist.

  • New this year – If you have children on the North (K-2) and the South (3-6) side of PVE, you will now pick up all of your students (ex. siblings)  up on the north side. This will eliminate parents picking up a K-2 child in the north and then driving around to the back of the building to pick up a 3-6th grade student.

  • As an added safety measure parents/family members of Kindergartener car riders will need to have identification ready when picking up their child. Kindergarten students will be toward the west side of the sidewalk on our painted paw prints.

  • PVE has a lot of car riders so we encourage parents to follow all traffic procedures in order to create a safe and respectful dismissal. If you choose to park and walk up to the building to pick up your child,  please make sure your car is not blocking the flow of traffic or on one of our crosswalks and please don’t walk between cars lined up and moving forward at the curb.

What are the Guidelines for Parties, Treats and Deliveries?

School PTA’s are responsible for the Fall/October and Valentine’s Day parties. Infants, preschool, middle school and/or high school students are not allowed in classrooms.

We honor our students throughout the year as they celebrate their birthdays.  As a school we believe it is important for us to recognize our students on their big day and to also reinforce practices which promote positive student health and learning.  Due to increased food allergies as well as the recognition of health and nutrition and its impact on today’s youth, the staff at PVE will  honor students in many ways however we do not allow birthday treats (cupcakes, cookies, pizza, etc.).  Bulldog student birthdays are broadcast over the intercom as part of our school announcements.

If you would like to help your child celebrate here at school, we’d like you to consider some of the following options:

Dedicate a Book!  We invite students to bring a book to dedicate to their homeroom.  We are asking that on your child’s birthday – in lieu of treats – they bring a book that characterizes them as a person or a book they love!  If bringing a book is not a possibility, your child can select a book that is part of the classroom library and his/her teacher will dedicate it to your child.  A special place card will be placed in the book with your child’s name and the year we are celebrating.  That special book will always be part of the classroom library!  What a way to leave a legacy for other readers!  The celebration will take place in the classroom at a time to be determined by the teacher.

Share a Special Gift!  Students may choose to bring in small items such as bookmarks, stickers, pencils, erasers, or gum to each student in their class.  Students love to receive special items in honor of a friend’s birthday.

Invitations for out of school parties cannot be brought to school for distribution.

Deliveries for students will not be accepted at school. (i.e. floral arrangements, balloon bouquets, etc.)

How Do I Change My Child’s Transportation?

If your child will be going home in a different way, please notify the office.  You may send a note to school or call the North Office (K-2nd) at 986-2283 or the South Office (3rd-6th) at 986-2293.  If the phone is not answered, please leave a voice mail message as it is checked regularly during the day.  Please make any transportation changes by 2:30 pm to assure the correct information is given to the teacher and student.

If your child is riding home with another student on the bus or in a car, please send a note with your child.  Both students must have matching notes outlining the change in transportation.  Notes must be matched and stamped by the office before being returned to the student(s).  Please note—if you have more than one child @ PVE, please write a note for each child.

How Do I Report My Child’s Absence?

To report an absence for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade students, please call the North Office at 986-2283.  For 3rd-6th grade students, please call the South Office at 986-2293.   Please leave a detailed message on the voice mail, as it is checked regularly through the school day.