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Thursday, March 25, is an AMI day because LSR7 staff members are receiving COVID-19 vaccines and working from home. For assistance, please contact the school on Friday, March 26.
For "Kindergarten Kick-off!" information and instructions, please visit our kindergarten registration page.

What are the Guidelines for Parties, Treats and Deliveries?

School PTA’s are responsible for the Fall/October and Valentine’s Day parties. Infants, preschool, middle school and/or high school students are not allowed in classrooms.

We honor our students throughout the year as they celebrate their birthdays.  As a school we believe it is important for us to recognize our students on their big day and to also reinforce practices which promote positive student health and learning.  Due to increased food allergies as well as the recognition of health and nutrition and its impact on today’s youth, the staff at PVE will  honor students in many ways however we do not allow birthday treats (cupcakes, cookies, pizza, etc.).  Bulldog student birthdays are broadcast over the intercom as part of our school announcements.

If you would like to help your child celebrate here at school, we’d like you to consider some of the following options:

Dedicate a Book!  We invite students to bring a book to dedicate to their homeroom.  We are asking that on your child’s birthday – in lieu of treats – they bring a book that characterizes them as a person or a book they love!  If bringing a book is not a possibility, your child can select a book that is part of the classroom library and his/her teacher will dedicate it to your child.  A special place card will be placed in the book with your child’s name and the year we are celebrating.  That special book will always be part of the classroom library!  What a way to leave a legacy for other readers!  The celebration will take place in the classroom at a time to be determined by the teacher.

Share a Special Gift!  Students may choose to bring in small items such as bookmarks, stickers, pencils, erasers, or gum to each student in their class.  Students love to receive special items in honor of a friend’s birthday.

Invitations for out of school parties cannot be brought to school for distribution.

Deliveries for students will not be accepted at school. (i.e. floral arrangements, balloon bouquets, etc.)

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